Security Data

Security Data And Privacy

We place the highest priority on the security and privacy of your data and sensitive information. As business professionals we understand the significance that privacy and security hold. That is why our team uses only the best of technology to make sure there are no breaches of your private information. Not only will you be impressed with how secure our technology is, you will find that the technology provides you with a user-friendly, cost-effective way of backing up and storing your data. Here are a few things that we do to address your security concerns:

Important Information

  • We sign a Confidentiality Agreement with you
  • We, in turn, sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with every staff that we have in our facility.
  • We never print out any data that you provide to us.
  • The access to our facility is restricted to authorized staff
  • Our staff are thoroughly screened and hired only through referrals.